Retired Nurse Practitioner
Transformational Coach and Hypnotist


Health is the foundation to all transformation.  YES!  Imagine how health, well-being, energy and feeling great changes everything?

     On the contrary, lack of energy, self-doubt, fatigue and lack of motivation leads to nothing but more of the same!
Without good health and energy, you can see how transformation in every area of life would be slow and difficult.  Business, relationships, self-worth all suffer.

After 25 years in western medicine focused on promoting health and de-prescribing, I left in 2020 due to mal-alignment.
Now, I use transformational coaching, hypnosis, human design and the foundation of health reset challenges to get people to health, vitality, and energy from which transformation happens quickly in all other areas of life!

Ingrid Kleinbauer, Austria

 Diane has the ability to listen with an open heart and picking up on the important words and phrases to then ask her knife-sharp questions that lead directly to the core issue. Her hypnosis is powerful and empowering. It help me GO FROM FEELING STUCK and in FEAR to immediately shifting my attention to confidence and self trust. Thank you! 

Anonymous, Riverton, Manitoba Canada

"I first met Diane when she was a nurse practitioner and I instantly felt at ease and comfortable in her presence. After she left our clinic, it was several years before we reconnected "by chance". I told her at that time that there was a reason we crossed paths again. Sure enough, she told me about her retirement from the traditional medical field and was transitioning into Transformational Coaching. I was intrigued but was sold once she decided to add hypnosis to her coaching. The combination has been life-changing for me. I was able to identify my ways of thinking that were holding me back. Now I'm open to the amazing possibilities of what I have, and will accomplish! Thank you so much!"

     Hard working, achiever, ambitious, independent, strong, unstoppable, confident, successful, and amazing are words you hear people use to describe you.   How can you do so much and still have time to sleep?  

     Do you look successful on the outside to others, yet do NOT feel happy, fulfilled, free, and successful on the inside?  In private, are you truthfully unhappy, disappointed, frustrated, irritable and feeling out of energy?  Are you not where you want to be in life yet?  What will it take to get there?  Who are you anymore?   What am I meant for on this planet?  Is this all there is?

     How would your life change if you truly felt deep down that ANYTHING is possible for you?   How would you feel different with high energy and vitality?

What do you want to transform today?


After working for 25 years in Western medicine, I no longer feel in alignment with this type of care. The system has too many barriers preventing us from providing exceptional patient centred care. The system puts unreasonable limits on our practice making it challenging to feel fulfilled.

I am a Human Design junkie as a 1/3 Sacral Generator and a Myers-Briggs INTJ.   Has made for an interesting life! :)

I have retired from Nurse Practitioner practice and became a transformational coach, hypnotist and incorporate human design. The work I do now to transform lives without prescription drugs or painful treatments is magical!  

 My work involves identifying blind spots, shifting thinking and transforming lives of those who see themselves as very hard-working, but don't truly see themselves as "successful" or "high-achievers" as others see them.   Many times "work hard until your eyeballs bleed" is something we have been told is necessary to be successful in life.   So we associate our work, labels, degrees and accomplishments with our self-worth.  

I cannot count the number of times I hit the "reset button" now in my life, so I am an expert on this one!  "The Reset Queen!"  Our health and well-being is the foundation to everything in our life!  Thinking differently is the KEY! I now use the foundation of reset challenges with coaching and hypnosis to transform lives.

  The connection of external achievements to self-worth can be dangerous. How will you manage retirement with an attachment to your work title?  What about who you as a human being makes you worth something?  Who and what exactly is that?     

Learn to identify and 
clarify your thinking

 Begin your transformational journey with clarity. Identify who you are, your human design, where you are at now and define where you want to go by understanding clearly your vision and set the direction of your sails.   What way of thinking would best serve you?

Learn to identify
your blind spots

What is it that you are not seeing for yourself? A transformational coach and hypnotist will help you to see what you are not seeing ...yes! and deep down to the level of your identity!    The work will open it up to your awareness.

Discover your true authentic self

Be responsible to discover and live the real authentic version of yourself and by design. Be committed to you, your worthiness and your value in the world.  Find out who exactly that is by working with a transformational coach and hypnotist!

Set the bar and achieve your goals

Transform your life as I have with a coach. I have learned key strategies to gain success in life in my relationships, wealth and health. Hindsight is 20-20 and I learned that living in survival mode was more destructive an unhealthy that I realized!

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